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“People with purpose thrive, brands with purpose grow, and companies with purpose last”


There are no healthy organisations with people that are ill.

There are no healthy people in ill organisations.

There are no people nor organisations in an ill planet.


By taking this course you will learn how to build a Net Positive Journey.

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Is this training for you?

This training course is for key personnel within an organisation who wish to establish a common benchmark of awareness and build a sustainable corporate culture.

If you are a Consultant or Facilitator who wishes to build a career providing ESG services, making the corporate world a more sustainable one, then this training is for you.


Day 1 - UNsustainability

  • State of the Art (and the thinking behind the mess)
  • Sustainable Thinking
  • Sustainability Concepts and evolution
  • ESG Concept - from CSR to ESG
  • SDG - Sustainable Development Goals
  • New concepts and frameworks
  • The role of a Chief Impact Officer
  • SBS framework for a Net Positive Company

Day 2 - People & Planet

  • Shaping the Future of Work 
  • From CSR to Mission Oriented Organisations 
  • Conscious Choices and Conscious Business 
  • Corporate policies and movements 
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Internal networks that mobilize employees
  • Longevity 
  • Start designing an Impact Roadmap for your company and/or client;

Day 3 - Purpose & Leadership

  • Systemic Thinking - The leader as an Ecosystem facilitator
  • Inner Development Goals
  • Rethinking collaborations and partnerships
  • Purpose Led Branding and Communication
  • Leadership for Action
  • Innovating for Impact - nature inspired solutions
  • Keep designing an Impact Roadmap for your company and/or client;

Day 4 - Profit & the Business Case for Impact

  • Regeneration, the future of sustainability
  • Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD): new EU rules for large companies and SME's
  • Learn to argue the business case for sustainability 
  • Keep designing an Impact Roadmap for your company and/or client

Day 5 - Case Studies

  • Case Studies
  • Final Exam
  • Talk with an expert in the field - 'Net Positive Journey'

By the end of the course, graduation takes place with a Happy Hour!

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Meet the trainer

Regina Cruz

Head of Training at Sustainability Business School

Regina has been working with Organizational Well-Being projects for over a decade, participating in the definition and management of projects focused on well-being, as a Corporate Responsibility strategy for companies. She facilitates various workshops, awareness-raising and training sessions in this area. Regina is the founder of Wellbeing 3.8 with the mission of helping organizations to explore the relationships between Sustainability, Happiness and Well-Being, enhancing ESG criteria with a special focus on the S-Social dimension and contributing directly, within the scope of the UN Agenda 2030, to the SDG 3 – Quality Health, promoting health and well-being and impacting on SDG 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth, among others. With multidisciplinary training, Regina highlights the regenerative approach as the guiding line of her current work, having allowed her to develop skills that she considers most appropriate to deal with the world we live in, which transcend a mechanistic, reductionist, linear and closed orientation of thinking. One of the approaches that most influences her work is Biomimicry, as a science, method and philosophy of life. In the process of completing her certification as a Biomimicry Practitioner, she believes that approaches centered in life and not just in the human being make it possible to create co-evolutionary systems where everyone wins.

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