Executive Master in Corporate Sustainability & ESG

140h training

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The course motto is 'from theory to practice'

This course was created in partnership between Sustainability Business School, Lisbon Business School and Al-Maktoum College. The course will allow the development of skills that enable trainees to understand what ESG and Sustainability is, its impact in the business and in the community, while preparing them to solve society's greatest challenges. Great emphasis will be given to the presentation of practical cases, methodologies and tools for the development of an integrated and holistic roadmap to achieve a Net Positive Journey.

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  • To gain knowledge about the scientific approach to sustainability;
  • To understand the impact of unsustainability on people, businesses and planet;
  • To understand the importance of sustainability for a regenerative economy and the impact on employee engagement, well-being and happiness;
  • To acquire tools to assess and report sustainability in organisations;
  • To gain knowledge on what are the societal responses to ESG;
  • To know what are the corporate policies that benefit the environment, the concept of collaborative architecture and the importance of the design of spaces that promote creative and collaborative work environments;
  • To understand the main causes of mental health disorders in employees and how to prevent them;

Course Coordination

Founder and Director of Happiness Business School and Sustainability Business School. Corporate Happiness Specialist; Executive Education in Science of Happiness and Well-Being, Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health. In this journey, she understood that sustainable well-being is directly linked to Sustainability, Environmental, Social and Governance.

Madalena Carey

Founder of Wellbeing 3.8, having worked with Organizational Well-Being projects for more than a decade, participating in the definition and management of projects focused on well-being, as a Corporate Responsibility strategy for companies. 


Regina Cruz

Executive Master in Corporate Sustainability & ESG

Introduction - 14h 

  • 7h - ESG and Sustainability Fundamentals
  • 7h - Sustainable Happiness

ESG and Sustainability - 98h

  • 7h - 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals
  • 7h - Inner Development Goals and Systems Thinking
  • 7h - Purpose Driven Companies
  • 7h - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • 7h - Communication for Sustainability
  • 7h - Circular Economy
  • 7h - Natural based Economy
  • 7h - Sustainable Finance
  • 7h - Sustainability in the supply chain
  • 7h - Climate action: solutions for a changing planet
  • 7h - Technology and Sustainability
  • 7h - Sustainability Regulation and Legislation
  • 7h - Sustainability Reporting
  • 7h - Regenerative Paradigm and the future of Sustainability

From theory to practice,

Building a net Positive Journey - 28h

  • 7h - Case Studies
  • 6h - Final Project
  • 15h - Tutorial Orientation (optional)

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  • When? Portuguese language, online - 5th February 2024, every Monday and Wednesday from 7pm to 10h30pm (GMT+1)
  • Duration? 8 months
  • How much? 4750€ (includes 100€ registration) - payments up to 6 installments
  • How to enroll? Contact us!

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