Inclusion, gender equality and
non-descrimination program

18h training

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Diversity and Inclusion are among the most relevant topics today.


A few stats:

  • 46% of employees say discrimination is a problem in their workplace. 
  • 61% of employees in the United States have experienced or witnessed workplace discrimination.
  • People reporting sexual orientation discrimination make up 33% of those who have experienced employment discrimination.
  • 42% say they have experienced workplace sex or race discrimination. 


By taking this course your team will learn:

  • To create an inclusive culture: clarify basic concepts and acquire skills that create an inclusive gender-related culture, applicable to the scope of responsibility;
  • To promote equality in the company: continue to promote equality between men and women within the company, favoring equal treatment and eliminating discrimination;
  • The best practices: learn and apply them to favor a positive interaction between men and women of each team;
  • The legal obligations, requirements, and limits of behavior.


Module 1 - Diversity and Inclusion

  • The Tree analogy
  • Concepts of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Benefits of valuing Diversity and Inclusion

Module 2 - Actions and Management commitment

  • Openess and Inclusion values

Module 3 - Main concepts

  • Gender equality
  • Discrimination and gender disparity at work
  • Affirmative action
  • Family conciliation and co-responsability

Module 4 - Stereotypes and gender roles

  • Ladder of Inference
  • From prejudice to discrimination
  • Micro behaviors and sexist attitudes

Module 5 - Resources to promote Diversity and Inclusion

  • Call for meetings
  • Inclusive meetings
  • Interviews and evaluations
  • Inclusive communication
  • Diverse team
  • Professional promotion
  • Conciliation
  • Mentoring programs
  • Hiring and inclusion

Module 6 - Action Plan

  • Internal audit
  • Implementation model

Module 7 - Importance of Ethical Management and Leadership

  • Codes of ethics and conduct
  • Leader code as a source of ethics

Module 8 - Issues and legal approach to the topic

  • Company's duties

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